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​Manual Overdrive 4 Men

BioSlick, LLC  is excited to bring you our product line for men.  You can trust our products will be high quality, safe and maybe just a little fun.  
Manual Overdrive 4 Men
​                                             Multi-purpose Lotion
Manual Overdrive 4 Men
​                                Face, Hand and Body Lotion
 BEST LUBE EVER!   This water base multi-purpose lotion is non sticky and stays slippery for a longtime.  It's great for shaving your face or man-scaping your body.  It also has the right viscosity to shift your sexual activity into OVERDRIVE!  So if your shaving your face, man-scaping your body,  having sexual activities alone or with someone else,  you are going to love this product!  Manual Overdrive 4 Men's multi-purpose lotion comes in a clear bottle,  lit from the bottom with an adjustable LED light. 
You can adjust the light to two different strobe settings or continuous light.
                                                   Add a little fun to the night!
                                                      No parabens or silicones.
                                                            Plant base product.
This product is infused with organic coconut oil and shea butter, is fast absorbing and will leave your skin smooth and soft, never greasy.  Light pleasant scent of lime, kiwi and coconut.  Great to use after shaving, to replenish your skin head to toe or use as a massage lotion.   
Manual Overdrive 4 Men
​                                                           Night serum
Our non scented night serum is 100% pure coconut oil.  Coconut oil is one of nature's best moisturizer's for your skin.  This product is highly concentrated so you will only need a few drops.  Apply to clean, dry skin, massaging the serum into your skin and allowing 10 to 15 minutes for absorption before going to bed.  You will awake with soft, smooth skin.  Great for a whole body night time treatment.  Absorption time will vary depending on your skin type.  Works great as a massage oil too!   Enjoy!

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